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We have served clients from vitually every business segment across North America.

Entrepreneurs & Owner Operated Firms

Starting a new business or been in business for years? We help entrepeneurs strengthen their digital footprint and make sales.

Manufacturing, Distribution & Retail Chains

Larger organizations need to attract qualified employees and present a strong corporate image. We are culture warriors!

Not-For-Profit, Education & Ministries

Need help growing your donor base, spreading your message and doing good in our community. We are on mission to help.

What’s Blocking Your Success?

Increasing Sales Revenues & Market Share.

Attracting Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers.

Attracting the best talent for your workforce.

Improving Your Corporate Image / Reputation.

Lowering the cost of customer acquistion.

Building an APP & integrating processes.

“They Really Get Us!”

~ Kassie Kretschmar, VP Marketing @ Holy Cross Michigan

WEB GEEKS is a full service digital marketing company. Typically, software developers favor the left brain and creative firms the right. Our team of smart, experienced and personable marketers like to use our “whole” brain to develop and execute strategic marketing solutions based on your goals and budget. Together we can achieve great things!




Strategic Planning

The center point of an effective digital marketing campaign. Web Geeks will analyze your online visibility and develop a customized branding and digital marketing plan consistent with achieving your business goals. Strategic planning includes clear objectives, key performance indicators and tactical activities.

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Website Design

It’s your most important marketing asset – it is the foundation of your marketing stack. Responsive website and e-commerce design that engages the human audience while leveraging the strengths of search engine optimization ensures that your brand message is delivered to and understood by your target audience.

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is how brands are able to increase their reach over a wide-range of platforms in a short time. From PPC campaign management to local SEO services, our team of digital marketing Geeks have the experience to help your organization grow and we do it with price transparency so you know how your investment is being used and why.

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Active management of  Google & Facebook Ads.


Leveraging search engines for better brand visibility.


Engaging your community and promoting your brand.


Demonstrating your authority with engaging content.


Story telling through video provides terrific engagement.


Nurturing prospects through the buying journey.

10 Tips to Improve Your SEO

What is Brand Machine?

It’s our secret weapon. A proprietary marketing system combines data input and creative output to influence brand perception and achieve your business & marketing goals. We combine nearly 30 years experience with cutting-edge technology to deliver measurable results! 

find your voice

We”ll work with you to define brand personality, brand identity and the visual elemnts to make the best impression.

engage your audience

Utilizing the most effective digital strategies we raise your voice above the marketing noise and generate visibility for your brand.

write your story

By humanizing your brand and developing an authentic narrative we can make emotional connections with your audience.

build your platform

We present your message on the most appropriate marketing channels to be heard by the right people at the right time. 

Is it time to talk about your goals?

Leaders who communicate effectively can make a positive impact on our communities!

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