Web Design Basics

When looking to build out your brand online there are so many places you can look to get web design.  We have seen several out of the box technologies that work amazing with wordpress that can make your business look like a million dollar empire.  Send us a message if you need a list of great themes you can use to start customizing for your busness.

The main thing we noticed in 2015 is that you may have a great design and layout to your site but if it can not get found in the search engines then it was almost a waste of time to develop.  We have partnered up here in Boston with a Boston SEO Firm to help assist us in helping our clients attain that first page rankings in Google.

We have always know a site that is not seen may has well never been placed online to start with.  You need to get traffic to your site and have a unique message to keep readers on your site to deliver a strong message to your audience.

Here is a little more detail about search engine marketing for your Boston business.  In simple terms, SEO is an inbound marketing strategy that involves the use of smart linking, keywords, and content generation to optimize a website so that the page ranks highly on major search engines.

The main intention of SE0 is to ensure that when potential customers search products or services, your website first. Thus, if you operate a small or medium scale business, using SE0 techniques can be a very important step in growing your business in terms of popularity, sales, and branding. In order to get new customers and grow your online presence there are certain seo tools, that you-as the owner of a business. These are discussed below.

1. Using Google keywords
Although, this task is better done by a web designer, you can use Google keyword tool to create SEO-motivated titles and content relevant to the kind of business you operate. By using keywords, you will know the kind of searches that customers are searching.

2. Share content on social media sites
Using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and Pinterest can be a personal and passionate way of getting your content to customers. By constantly updating this information, it becomes easier for your customers to know what improvements you are making without having to visit your website.

3. Use Google Analytics
Registering with Google Analytics is another seo optimization tool that allows you to know the number of visitors to your site, what they are searching for, for how long they stay, and whether they return or become customers. Using this information, you can modify the content of your website.

4. Using Google Maps
Registering with Google maps is another optimization strategy employed by many marketers especially when your business has a physical address. This allows customers to locate your services or locations when looking for “products or services near me”.

These are just some of the tools that you can use to optimize your website. Other tools may include relationship building, link building, and specialized back linking.